Chapter18 (A Dream)

I lend my emotions to you which you just sold away
Frozen heart knows how to beat, just lost its way
Just like there's a thought, a thought within a dream
There has always been a hidden part of your soul in me

You may find many but none as unique
Though after moving on, hearts stay where it used to be
And in the end we all share the same destiny
From our love till its death

So in the end I defeat all the odds
Just to find the evens beat me
And now I feel like living somewhere I don't belong
And being someone I don't want to see.

Unknown sins of yours but I took the blame
Yet I know you'll smile watching me burn into flames
I question the identity of some who never use it
Whereas some like you who just loses it

So instead of the beginning show me the end
Happily ever after, a message I always resent.
Make a wish and I'll wish for it to come true
If I couldn't be the vice then you don't deserve to be the virtue

A hidden part of your soul I see
Now it seems blood-thirsty
Just show me the truth, stop hiding
Cuz I don't want to wait on forever
It is happening now or never.

by Keith Sly Simpson

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A refined poetic imagination, Keith S. S. You may like to read my poem, Love And Lust. Thank you.