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Chapters In A Book

One's life is like a chapter in a book.
U turn the pages of time to get a better look.
U see the trials that has and will face.
Some events you see and others just take place.
Sometimes we wish we could turn back the pages of time.
Maybe to undo or fix that wasn't right.
The pages keep turning even when we lose are way.
That's when we seek GOD and he will say
I'll only put on you what you can bare
I see the wrong and I know its not fair
but your in God's favor I want u to know
And I'm here and I'm not lettin go.
So u contiue to live each day of life.
It will get better despite the trials.
Some in the pages it's hard to see.
The imprints in the sand God holding me.
Keep turning the pages and he will restore you.
There's to the book and God said their's more to you.
God bless

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