WT (18-april-1991 / Panama)


With the going on of the years
things will become petty
all those things that made us suffer
all those which we worried about
those for which we made ourselves miserable
they won't matter anymore.

I was born in this great world
I was made to be great
I was made to be special
No one can diminish my pride
I was made to go through life
and finish it with honors

Many of the people around me
Are or never have been this lucky
and there's no reason to strain myself
for small things...

Because my mother and I
knew that I was born for something
Greater than myself
Bigger than world
Above everyone's expectations

And I have the right of rights
To dream and fly high
and why not to reach the sky
And more the right do I have
To fall as many as times I want

But the pride of being me
is something that no one else can have
Because I'm the only person
that was born to be me

No one can drown me in the river of frustration
I can paddle as much as I want
I can see the depths of the river bed
And all the treasures shall be mine

I'll fall and get up...
Because I know that I was born
for something greater than myself
Because nothing will make me sink
and as high as the skies
as high as the stars
as sweet as is kindness
as great as love
as beautiful as blossoming
as smart as nature
that'll be me.

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