(1926 / Prescott, Arizona)

Character Analysis

When someone analyses your actions,
And finds things that are detractions,
Such as not seeing their self worth,
Nor understanding another's turf!

Some are afraid of what others think,
While others feel they are on the brink,
Of disaster if they partake of hearts desire,
Because idiots tell them it brings hell fire!

Some think they need others approval to do,
The things that they wanted to,
Afraid to make up their own mind,
Because their brains are not in front but behind!

Being independent has rewards,
Dependency is for retards,
Which does not build character in any way,
Yet it does society sway!

So many charlatans and parasites around,
Scamming the masses until they are under ground,
Yet a new batch is in the wings and waits,
To spread their wings and throw out their baits!

is there any justification for the human race?
Would this race be welcome out in space?
i seriously doubt an alien civilization,
Would give a welcome, serious consideration!

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