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Character Follows Us All Our Days
CDM ( / Artesia, New Mexico)

Character Follows Us All Our Days

As the Soldnelle plant pushes
through snow-topped
Alpine Valleys,
and sunshine covers
the darkness of night;

day glimmers,
when it opens up
and floods the earth,
with charismatic allure.

Much like character’s business;
it pushes peace and rest and
the inner soul entwines
those for whom we care.
The conscience and moral judgment
brings shape. It shapes us to care.

On snow-topped Alpine Valleys,
unlike the Soldnelle plant,
character proves us non-gelid.

Character sets us apart from those without it.
It helps us endure the fertilizer of our foes.
We come forth as polished stones
like turquoise excavated from hillsides
refined for merchant’s wares to those
who seek the turquoise beauty.

Character gives beauty from within
purified by daily trials that have been
quietly wrestled to the ground.
Integrity’s moral paths
leads us in a legend.

When life for us is o’er,
our personality need not be defended.
For character is our sole possession,
and it accompanies the best on our way home.

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