The ivory glow of the house lights dim
then come alive again.
A signal to the audience
their journey is about to begin.

The lights go down darkness prevails.
Subdued idle conversation ceases.
The anticipative silence broken
only by a muffled unintentional cough.

Closed ornate curtains shield the stage.
Concealing from the spectators
all clues to upcoming events.
A calculated pause focuses their attention.

As though on their own the curtains part.
Revealing the setting designed to weave
spectators from the humdrum of reality.
Into the mystical world of make believe.

The cast in the order of their appearance
ply well their skills rousing all’s imagination.
So well they seem to have become the roles they play.
Masters of deception they truly are.

Tempting drawing and holding the audience
in the web of the masquerade.
To fool and entertain them
will be the successful completion of the charade.


by Kurt Hearth

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