The soft-spoken charioteer lingers in a bitter heart's disruption,
as we chant from the hilltops alongside our horizon,
'Death to you, sweet charioteer, release me from your satisfaction.
No longer will I drown in pools of debilitating misinterpretation.'

The mangled mindframes contained must be painstakingly extracted,
inducing intricate dreams made tight.
Impersonate the person perceived within
your absorbent circles of sight.
This fleeting child must be guided home tonight;
Please don't let her miss her flight.

As mental snapshots in time come and pass,
know that they are nothing more than life, yet nothing less.
To the peculiar ears of one nearby, absolute access.
Judgement is none,
and willing beings know when to flee and when to dress.

All the while,
those encumbered eyes do solely disguise the beauty which lies inside,
while extinguishing from mind
the existent exquisiteness beheld by mine.
Please be my eyes, if for only a moment in time,
and you shall see the divine.
Leave behind the malign.

by Elie Karaan

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