DN (2.7.1992 / Malaysia)


Give to the poor, be generous to those in need,
Nourish deep within yourself the virtuous seed,
Water it with practice and strong it shall grow,
To the needy kindness and compassion you should show,

Give what you can, be it money, food or time,
And give sincerely with your heart's rhythm and rhyme,
Ease their burden even if you can only do it for a day,
Bring colours to their life that is slowly turning grey,

Nourish the virtues that dwell within your heart,
Help give them hope and courage for a fresh new start,
Give if you can, even if it is just a small portion of your pay,
For survival for the less fortunate is a battle each day,

Embrace compassion and kindness, embrace your humanity,
Encourage others who can to donate to charity,
Make a difference, even if it is to a boy or girl
Nourish humanity, be the change you wish to see in the world,

by Daya Nandan

Comments (1)

What a wonderful way to express a kind and compassionate message. Your sense of rhythm is beautiful and every line sings to me. Best poem I've read today. Tom billsborough