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You are my little angel
and I hope you'll always know,
I love you more than life itself.
I've loved watching you grow.
If only I could show you
the way you've changed my world,
You'd see how much you've given me
by being my little girl.
There's nothing you can't tell me.
I'll always understand.
I'll always try to guide you.
I'll always hold your hand.
When you need to reach out for me,
you won't have to reach far.
Cause I will live inside your heart.
I'll be wherever you are.
Remember, my precious Charity,
You are special because you're you.
I wouldn't trade a single day
I spent together with you!

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helo! ! just in time..i landed on this poem just in time...i'm trying to write a poem for my daughter, she's only a yr old.but i can't find the words. theyre all mix up in my mind.Charity did help. you're poems are so lovely, i also like the 'am i supposed to help and the thankless job. it's obvious, you're inspired by poeple around you.
Wow. I really love the flow of this poem. it is very good. Wish I could write quality stuff like that. All the best Love Becky
This is one very fortunate girl who glides across your heart with the ease and beauty of a swan. Lovley writing.Love Duncan
Is Charity the reader, a person or the act of benovelence! whichever, the poem touches.
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