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I remember the first time I laid me eyes on that Nubian queen
Light skinned, long hair and curves I’ve never seen.
Eyes like a magnet pulling me close like I was the man of steel
With her words of slang breaking me down turning me on for real
It was mutually our first day to a new employment, occupation.
I been jobless for a while so my heart needed elevation
I didn’t know a soul so I was playing it low key.
But how could I reject the fact that she was staring at me
I’m thinking like I got a girl so she and I can’t be.
Plus co-workers were trying their hand and I’m not a hater that’s just not my cup of tea.
That thought slowly faded when she approached me and said hello
She had me stuck dead in the water and I saw nothing but her glow
Her moisturized and manicured hands yellow and green
If she was a drug I would probably be a dope fen
I’m thinking like any man would love to have her on their team
She had a great smile with a walk that was rather mean
I replayed hello, with a masculine tone and told her my name
She said her name was Charlene and started pitching me game
In my mind I must have repeated her name ten times or more
While angels singing in my ear…. thinking I can’t resist the allure
She was from Southeast D.C, the rough side of D.C
Were gun play and violence thrives, in projects you see.
But she was so sweet with a smile so astonishing
Here hood appeal and game had me off and kind of staggering
She was what I call hood but acted like lady
Her eyes were untamed enough to drive a man crazy
It took me a while ….but I finally took her to my home
The house was all empty…. so I had her all alone
I had some music playing just to get us in the zone
I locked the door closed and we turned off both our phones
We both had someone else but they don’t really have to know
She don’t have to know……………… he don’t have to know
Whispering in her ear with every kiss I hear a moan
Her manicured nails plunged deeply in my back
With every struck she sighs with sexy faces to be exact
After the crazy sex we just relaxed while we lay
Hidden like two animals by jungle in the shade
I noticed resent scars and black marks on her arm
Her and man fought and he’s always doing her harm
She gave me a kiss …got dressed….. Then she was gone
I’m lying with a smile….. Butt naked…. lights on
Next day at work…. I felt funny and things were different
Nobody knew I just couldn’t get Charlene out of my system
It didn’t take to long for my girl to get suspicious
And getting caught cheating wasn’t in my list of wishes
We stopped all the chats and all the extra formalities
To be efficient lovers and restore all morality
But in due time……. we where back on like light switches
With sex so good like food it was delicious
Good things don’t last long and of me she wanted more
That more she wanted of me……. was kind of like amour
But I had a girl…… and I couldn’t leave …too in deep
Telling shorty we can’t be……. The scene was truly bleak
Then her man showed up and came to work wanting to fight me
He called me by name and told people he would smite me
But it never happened…. swallowed my pride and moved on
Even got a new job….. Since Now my covers blown
So we lost touch… funny how life constantly flux
Since she still was with her man avoiding them was a must
I was crazy for her…. when I was ready she wasn’t there.
I’m thinking hard…. maybe we did….. Make a good pair.
I was late… ……and she moved on I’ll do the same.
No need for pointing fingers …I am the one to blame
So it’s done….I still think about her from time to time
So very much …….. I dedicate her, this precious line
Mi amour….Just know that my heart is forever yours
You’re always in my thoughts and I miss you forever more.
My hood chick supreme with a walk that was so mean
That burst through the scene her name it was Charlene

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Pablo Neruda

If You Forget Me

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