Charles Bukowski, ' Taking Care Of Buisness

Talking at the laundrywoman
when i ran into
that Charles Bukowski
remember him now,
i don't know...
i having ran that business that i ran for she
watching Charles Bukowski
i realized one can only complete one
major undertaking at a time
and then move on to the next,
over time they all get done
if they,
the all that is me, the you
pull together as a team
but if spread out here and there
a patched quilt is what is seen
from above...looking down
and sorry about last night...
I'm from Florida, and as such
i dunna kin
Charles Bukowski, 'people running off with my oysters from
Hernando county, 'Florida
statements and he such the likes i
there is nothing wrong with mistakes in ones youth
canna comprehend how Charles Bukowski, said that
and ones when past his youth
has any thing to do with thirty or forty years you..?

by James McLain

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