RA (August 7,1954 / New Castle, Pennsylvania)

Charlie Parker & The Bush Administration

charlie parker is blowing sweet
beauty thru our minds our eyebrows
round & touch into moons of short hair
2 more eyes tumors rip thru sky flesh centers
pieces of our bodies begin popping
tumors where eyes roll up into seeing
knuckles bleed 10 eyeballs on hands
adam's-apple eyeball red & evil
has a little mouth in the pupil
voices of all hated resurrected people
eyeballs of my sparse-hair balls
eyeballs flop dangling from my ears
i'm pissing eyeballs
we point to charlie parker
it's his fault
we tell our enemies
charlie parker is blowing sweet
honest soul into air
we're infected
we scream
government officials
arrive in gas-masks
carrying flame-throwers
scowl behind fire-mirror plexiglass
but bird is in high hiding
bird is as indestructible as
if he isn't found
he can't be murdered
or mutated
into something congress
has the power to
i see george bush
grinning as the black
doors of a time-machine
in an inhale
it's 1950 again
george has a.357
he's materialized
directly behind
charlie parker on a small
george blasts charlie's
guts out
quickly returns
in his time-machine
to give a televised talk
to the people of this land
about the war in iraq

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Attracted by the title, I like how the poem spills out in a stream-of-consciousness style. Reminds me a little bit of the poetry of Quincy Troupe. Nice job.