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#165 Haiku-Spider Webs
(11/07/1975 / Natonin, Mountain Province, Philippines)

#165 Haiku-Spider Webs

Poem By Dorothy (Alves) Holmes

melvin banggollay

F-ar from my birth I come to know
A tender and young poet of Cavite
Whose charm and magic glows
From her pen so wise and pretty.

R-adiance of her heart really bestow
Great love and passion for poetry
With her vivid display of sorrow,
Love and joy her heart’s portray.

A woman so young yet I know
Has a heart of a woman’s beauty
Gifted with a mind that shows
Great wisdom for all humanity.

N-either you nor I can ever know
What fate may bring to us today
But I only desire to behold you
And tell much I adore thy beauty.

C-andid you were in your poem
You’ve written so passionately
With every ink of your pen
Illuminating your heart’s fury.

E-very time I read your poem
I can’t help myself but to see
Enchanting smile of a woman
That bewildered the soul of me.

S-orry if I ever felt so charmed
By the magic touch of your den
For you have a charisma so warm
And truly captivating art of pen.

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Comments (3)

Sweetly romantic, a warm, pleasant read. L&T
FRANCES -is this the name of your magic lady? ? ? i'm sure she will be flattered to read this poem. good job. keep writing.
It seems you're in love with the lady. Send her this poem and I'm sure she will get the message loud and clear. Good luck! A 10 for you!