Poem By Mimiko moruf oluwakayode

As they always say
We will make the ephah
small and the shekel great
Gliding over and over their manifesto
Good roads, pipe borne water
free electricty for all
begging and crying for vote
like a little littlum
black politician forget all this
Now, teachers strike
hunger hike
women weep
men mourn
children cries
no wonder, lobbying for
visa becomes the order of the day
preferable to be an
hermit than to die of hunger
isn't our flag green white green?
green for food?
white for peace?
who is he to ask
when they arrive in their black blue siren cars
who dare question the authority
when horror and assasination
had become the order of the day
lord of bar money speaks
democratic goverment
where the freedom of speech is curtailed.

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