A Circle Of Love

I miss you under the stars at night, i miss you under the sky so blue,
I miss you so much, Here is a special poem for you,
It may not flatter you, My special Woman that i love so much,
But i know it is enough for your gentle young heart to touch,

When i tell you i miss you, do you know what i truly means?
Those special words reserved for our heart's kings and queens,
The way it melts me, brings me to heaven when my day is hell,
The way you make magic happen, the way you put me under your spell,

When i tell you i miss you it means a thought of you is there no matter what i do,
Be it studying, working out or sleeping i just want to be with you,
Under the daylight star, through the vast oceans with all life's magic to see,
No matter what i do, i just want you here with me :)

You give me that warm feeling, Makes me want to hug you and hold you close,
That magic between us, the way we kiss and cuddle that nobody knows :) ,
I dream of those enticing eyes you have, so big and beautifully round,
I dream of your lovely smile, that magic it has that just melts my heart to the ground,

I cherish the moments we share, Every passing day and every passing night,
I take nothing for granted, A woman is God's gift a love not a man's given right,
And that's why to me you were never just a plan, to me you are the one,
The only woman in my mind, this love burns for you like our solar system's sun,

So, that is why i miss you and that is the content of those simple words: D,
It echoes throughout nature, in the ears of all insects, animals and birds,
They all know it very well, they know that my heart beats for you,
A special cycle where hearts unite, this circle of love that our hearts drew :)

I rather not be anywhere else, i just want you here next to me,
I don't care if i have to run a 1000 miles, i will sail through every ocean and sea,
I am wishing so badly for your presence, i miss your gentle and lovely smile,
And i know that despite all the hurdles, this magical feeling is we share is worthwhile.

by Daya Nandan

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yes, by divine command only everything is- 10
.............beautiful poem, I'm pleased ★
Stanza 1 is incorrect, I'm sorry to report. Line three should be Yet know I how the heather looks, not what you have here. The meter is six, six, eight, six on both stanzas, not six, six, nine, six onthe first and six, six, eight, six onthe second. Please correct...thanks!