I never knew a little boy
could be as sweet as you.
I always wondered how a son
could be anything but ''Blue''.

You've shown me how to love
something different than a girl.
You've shown me just what joy can be.
You've really changed my world.

I say ''The sky is blue.''
You say ''I wonder why? ''
I say ''Maybe someday you'll find out.''
You say ''I'm sure I'll try! ''

I know you're bound for greatness.
I read it on your face.
I hope you know how special you are
just because you're Chase.

by Mary Nagy

Comments (4)

I'm so glad that you feel Chase's individuallity, and it is so true, that boys are different...wonderfully so! Linda
Yes, another heartfelt one. About yourself as well. H
Another heartfelt, sweet poem. I have a son, too. He's only three but in such a short time he has shown me how different boys are. I think you got that across here. :)
Love the poem, reminds me of NJ............