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MN (11-08-1970 / )


I never knew a little boy
could be as sweet as you.
I always wondered how a son
could be anything but ''Blue''.

You've shown me how to love
something different than a girl.
You've shown me just what joy can be.
You've really changed my world.

I say ''The sky is blue.''
You say ''I wonder why? ''
I say ''Maybe someday you'll find out.''
You say ''I'm sure I'll try! ''

I know you're bound for greatness.
I read it on your face.
I hope you know how special you are
just because you're Chase.

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Comments (4)

I'm so glad that you feel Chase's individuallity, and it is so true, that boys are different...wonderfully so! Linda
Yes, another heartfelt one. About yourself as well. H
Another heartfelt, sweet poem. I have a son, too. He's only three but in such a short time he has shown me how different boys are. I think you got that across here. :)
Love the poem, reminds me of NJ............