Dark as my mind inside the unzipped time
Just waiting to be
Turned into the mind of self loading,
Approaching me myself and my mind,
Deep in time I look at this un-described dream,
Dark as darkness falling from the sky,
Nightmares chased way beyond the real.
I feel a chase of blood streaming through doors wide opened,
And a mind dead with self-consciousness chased away...
I’m so deadly dead being jealous,
So dead be hating me,
Mind me the mind of a psychopath killer
Chasing things which exist far wider then open doors,
I’m as deadly as a poisonous snake,
Dead is what you’ll be for staring at me.
Make no mistake,
I will annihilate whoever sets eyes on me...
So take it from me,
I may be dead,
But I will come back from the dead,
To get what’s been said by the devil in you...chasing your dreams!

by Ricardo Phillips

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