Chased By A Monster

I'm prone to poking around,
The kid who has to know.
If there's an unknown area,
That's where I'll probably go.

Up in my Grandma's attic,
Behind some pile of junk,
I found an entrance to another world
Hidden by a big old trunk.

I wriggle through a mysterious hole
And into a magical place.
I found myself staring
Right into a monster's face.

I could have tried many things,
Possibly put up a fight.
It turns out when I meed a monster,
My reaction is panicky flight.

I looked for that magic hole,
Desperately wanting to go back.
While quickly starting to dread
That I might become a monster's snack!

Heroes are know for great deeds.
Being a hero must be fun.
For all of us other folk,
It's a life of run, shriek, run!

I bolted from there so quickly,
I'd have put a rabbit to shame.
The monster followed immediately,
Trapping me in a deadly game.

I ran until my path
Was blocked by a mountain peak,
Then collapsed in the grass,
Too frightened to even speak.

I lay on the ground gasping,
Totally out of breath.
Too tired to scream or shout,
I awaited certain death.

The monster loomed over me
With a quizzical look on his face.
He asked, 'Would you like some chocolate milk?
I've got plenty at my place.'

Sipping some milk in his lair,
The monster explained to me,
'In this special, magical place,
Everyone's totally friendly.'

Later that day, I returned home,
But my adventure will never end.
Sometimes I use the magical hole
To visit my monster friend.

by Bruce Larkin

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