KEM (1964 / Stuttgart, Germany)

Chasing Angels

Do you see it... Is it really there?
I believe in these... goose bumps so real
A flicker of a lamp.. A shadow.. A bird’s song
A butterfly or maybe some ducks flying over...
If we miss someone and cannot see them
We find them thru our imagination
Or is it real?
I believe in Angels,
Sometimes in a rainbow...or a sudden breeze
Against our skin or hair..
I know that my heart soars
And I know that some will disagree
That Angels are among us...
Whispering thru the trees..
But if it makes you happy
and gives you somewhat rest...
Know that they are smiling over you
Giving you a 'jest'...
I will always feel them
Forever in my heart
Chasing Angels is not hard
It comes from the heart

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Rudyard Kipling


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