Chasing Rainbows And Racing Tides

Old Flames dance in haunted doorways
Our Love consumed, my soul ablaze
Eager hands that touched you
Liquored lips that kissed you
Eyes that saw your pleasured cries
Written in heartbeats, eternal ties

The Gates of Hell can hold no worse
No, no escaping this infernal curse
Abandon hope, who enter here
For this Lost Child, shed no tear
His fate was sealed so long ago
Damned, awaiting that final blow

'Love' came cloaked in a muse's guise
Web of life, spun bittersweet alibis
'SoulMates' locked in a Blasted Tower
Sands of time declare the hour
But let's not forget sweet moments past
Amid the night some sunlight cast

Desert starlight on fallen dreams
Enchanted forests and summer streams
Together, flesh fused in the psychic heat
Unearthly passion, swept off our feet
Flashback, holy Abbey, stones that sang
Innocence, before the doorbell rang

The Artist's life has many sides
Chasing rainbows and racing tides
Hearts that feel too much to bear
So much within he cannot share
Spring is coming with its ocean swell
It cleanses all, even Love's cruel spell

by Robin Keen

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