Chasing Rainbows

My husband asked me the other day
While I was gazing at the sky
Just what I was looking for
Watching clouds go passing by
I said, " I am chasing rainbows"
But I could not explain
That you cannot know a rainbow
Until you have felt the rain.
Although life has it's ups and downs
I still have the ability to see
The beauty in a fragile flower
The sturdiness in the tree
If you are looking for a special place
A rainbow for the find
The beauty is God's creation
The rainbows in your mind
I will forever search for rainbows
In each new face I see
In every budding flower
And each slender trembling tree
I know somewhere beyond all this
Is a place I can soar and fly
Remember me with happiness
I'm chasing rainbows in the sky.

by Jerrie Banz

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