Walls Have Ears

The words echo, walls have ears
Echoes around the centuries not absurd
My Pisces ways have me believing
From childhood to where I am today
Days when food was in short supply
Mother became a magician at meal times
The kitchen table was quieter than normal
I was often banned to my bedroom
Appreciate what you have, met with quiet disapproval
My bedroom was my kingdom full of imaginary friends
Noise of conversation brought my parents to the scene
Fathers head appeared through a half open door
Looked and left me to my own World once more
Mother checked giving me the look
She held out her arms inviting comfort
Be careful of words and how they are spoken
These walls have ears that listen and hold them
My invisible friends all nodded in agreement
My punishment room was really a treasure
Friends came and went the door frequently opened
Now later in life as I think of these times
I feel I have deserted them these friends of mine
On occasions when waking from dreams
Laughter is slowly fading but I can hear
I utter some words then hear a closing door

by John A'Hern

Comments (2)

I like it. We can't grab hold of the wind and nature, but it's always there for us in a pinch.
I can smell, feel and hear this poem. Sensuous, just like I like it. You've got a superb way with words, Aisha. Love, Fran xx