AS (20/04/1987 / )

Chasing Your Imagination

Who you are i don't know
You are my partner and I've caused all this strife
This path we walk is so bent
I don't know why nothing makes sense
I see you standing their in your creation
A world of corruption and a planet of lies
Chasing your imagination

Talking secretly on the telephone
Walking across the park all alone
Its all a conspiracy
Cameras watching my every move
why are you watching
You cant deceive me because theres nothing you can prove
Even at the worlds revelation
You will be standing there
Chasing your imagination

My mind is a world of lights at dark
I take a walk in the park, only to clear my mind
I cannot sleep i don't trust the day
They will take me away, when they get their chance
I am not sick i know your ways
I will shine a bright light through your misty haze
When will you wake up from your dreams of demolition
Wake up and see
That you are chasing your imagination

by Allen Steble

Comments (2)

Wonderful poem truly magical.....I liked it.Thanks for sharing. Let us soar the skies like the birds and butterflies seeking only the light of each others glimmering eyes
hi! wow...this poem is really good, the title caught my eye first, and the poem was every bit as good as the title! I liked the way you put in so much mystery, it was very intriguing! :)