(June 15,1942 / Aravayal, karaikudi, Tamil Nadu, South India)

Sweetheart 3

How I can I fall so much in love with you so much

As I could see my heart falling into your chest and

Letting my heartbeat giving you butterflies from within

As looking at your writings that outlines your heart desires

I can fulfill them easily as I tried to be the perfect gentleman

With my comments in my pockets to offer to your sweet beauty

As you start blushing in the color of a blooming rose within the

Garden of life as I continue to crave for my sweetheart lips

As rumors say that her lips taste like royal honey given to

The millions of Queen Bees as I search for her I hear her heart

Beating thousand patterns of hope and faith that channels to

Her enchanted soul showing her purity towards me as such

A glow to withhold as her voice tickles my ears and warms

Our bodies with a pure angel touch from your hands I can’t imagine

Being any closer than my sweet sweetheart from the heavens that

Blessed this young Gentleman as my search of true love is finally over

And as if I had my book of life I was working on I can say that

My final chapters would show my happy life with her in my arms

With a final quote of my last breathe towards her everlasting spirit

“Love can overrated or underrated but forever love will shall always

Live through us in this world no matter how evil or vile the world can become”

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