Poisoned Moths

Poem By gershon hepner

Frothy clouds swimming in
Eyebrowing the cresting hill
One last surge splintering
Like sheep fleeing wolves
just out of reach

The Umbrian valley below
Stretching out in repose
As the waters flow
Che bella vista with a country pose.
far below my feet

Walking the cobble stones
Treading upward an Assisi via
To view the Giotto Frescoes
Clouding the basilica walls of San Francisco
hard on my feet

Poised on the step of her threshold
A young girl, another Giotto of five or six
Pencil and paper in hand’s hold
Sketches a figura, che bella vista
just beyond my reach

For un momento between her pencil strokes
She looks up, we touch each other’s eyes.
I feel the warmth of those pastel hues.
Che bella vista, what a wonderful view
just within reach

Those church wall frescoes have clouded since,
No longer framed in my memory,
Beyond the hill, beyond the valley,
Beyond the cobblestone street,
She opens her eyes and we still meet.
always within reach

Comments about Poisoned Moths

lovely, just lovely. it really paints a picture of what's happening in ur head.
What a beautifully constructed landscape! The recurrent lines reinforce its tranquil mood and summon us to your side to savor the beautiful view with you.
I have not been to Umbria but I recognise this view across hills with beautiful buildings in the picture, from visiting Ravello above Amalfi. The repetition of the idea of 'reaching') and falling short or in one stanza not) gives the poem that wistful feeling and also adds a sense of space. I like this image very much. The use of the little girl is interesting but unsettling - for some reason I would rather it had been a little boy - maybe because Giotto was male!
Such longing with a sense of hope and regret. This is a timeless and beautiful poem. Amy
Che bella vista indeed. You have painted a delicious picture here. Belissimo! Hugs Anna xxx

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