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Cheap Vcr

I'm all alone and I feel remorse.
A cheap VCR caused me to get a divorce.
Many people say that was a silly reason for our marriage to end.
I lost the love of my life and I haven't seen her again.

Two years earlier I filmed the birth of our son.
Now I'm all alone because of what I've done.
I decided to save thirty bucks by buying a generic VCR.
She hit me so hard that Im still seeing stars.

I never made any copies of that tape but now I wish I had.
My cheap VCR ate the tape and my wife sure was mad.
When she saw the ruined cassette, she went ape.
I tried to run but I couldn't escape.

She beat me so hard, I had never seen such abuse.
When she got a hold of me, she turned me every way but loose.
I'll give you some advice so you won't suffer my terrible fate.
When you buy a VCR, don't be a cheapskate.

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