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Cheaper Buy The Doesn'T
JPC (09/12/1959 / Macon, Georgia)

Cheaper Buy The Doesn'T

Poem By Jeffrey Philip Clegg

I sit here staring at my sausage and eggs
still so angry
I could throw the whole plateful at you
Calling me 'cheap' last night
in front of everyone at the party
just because
I was wearing a shirt from
the clearance rack at TJ Maxx
even though I have some Polos
somewhere in my closet

Of course
you'd press charges
and I couldn't sit with you at
Caribou Coffee any longer
so you'd have company while
you drank your espresso
and alluded to Keats' odes
as though an expert on the subject
just trying to impress
people nearby whom
you don't even know

Well, I'm not an abuser
and I sure as hell wouldn't want to
break any of your
Wal-Mart dinnerware.

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Comments (1)

LOL Though filled with angst, I still found myself laughing at the closing lines. You capture the hyprocrisy of many people, and I applaude you for not sinking into the depths of violence.