Cheated Lives

I gathered the pieces of an otherwise normal life,
Wondering just who would be the one to explain this to your wife.
The ghostly imprint of where a ring once was, told me she was waiting.
I figured when she found out, she would definitely need sedating.

I found your wallet lying there, as I wondered, just who you were.
That’s when I saw all the pictures of just you and her.
My heart sank to the pit of my stomach, the next few minutes a blur,
Wondering, would he be caring? As he explained these things to her

As I open up your brief case, I found this little note,
Its cold and its raining outside daddy, don’t forget your coat.
Written by a child’s hand, who could be no more than seven,
Who was going to explain to her, that daddy’s gone to heaven

Nothing was really out of place, except a reason why
Standing there in the rain, note in my hand, I began to cry.
I don’t know why, or what you were doing out here alone in the rain,
I can’t seem to figure out why you didn’t hear, nor see the train

She’ll come to visit you often, with all the same questions, I’m sure
Because there will always be a pain in her, for which there is no cure
She’ll bring to you fresh flowers, and place them on your grave
Pictures and sweet memories, are all she has left of you to save

by Poison 9901

Comments (3)

This is a very sad and emotional poem. yet somehow pure.
ooo my GOSH! ! ! ! frigin' awesom Poison! ! ! ! love how your write your poems....more of a short story......soooo emotional and awesome! ! ! like you can actually visualize what your writting.....sooo very vivid.....thanks my friend! ! ! and as you would say 'keep inking the pages'! ! ! ! Brian
WOW Great style you have! Intriguing, emotional, so sound right, loved it, still trying to put the pieced together. NICE!