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Cheated On

She entered the bar with a grace i've never seen
She wore red lipstick, and blonde hair and quiet serene
Went up to the jukebox and played such a sad song
With tears in her eyes, you knew she'd been done wrong
She ordered a drink, a weak one she said
She chewed on her lip until it bled
How could someone want to hurt her so bad?
She wasn't even mad but very sad
She came home early and found him with another
She wanted him to be true and not be with some other
She didn't know what to do, give him another chance?
Every woman he passed, he took a second glance
Once burnt, so hard to trust again
She remembered their love from way back when
She drank till some of the pain subsided
That's when she made up her mind and decided
She said he'd done this to her before
She was so hurt that she walked out the door
She would never again believe what he said
She walked out for good, told him he had made his bed!

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I'm new to this website and posting poetry online, but I really enjoyed yours. I really like how you described the character and I hope to read more from you!