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Homeless? /B.O.! ….. [homeless? ; Mcdonalds; True Story]

I walked to McDonalds to get a cone;
I was by myself. Yes, it’s true. I was alone.
As I walked through a side parking lot …..
I heard a guy yelling, and he was HOT!

“Hot under the collar” is what I mean.
He was hopping mad, and making a scene.
A McDonalds employee was taking heat ….
for not allowing the guy a place to eat?

“Can’t I even come in and buy some food? !
NO! ? Well I certainly think that is very rude! ! ! ! ”
[Ok. He didn’t use each exact word.
His words weren’t angelic; you should have heard! ]

I spoke a few words with the employee then,
before going to buy one ice cream, not ten.
The employee said somethin’ about the guy’s B.O.
[That’s Body Odor, in case YOU don’t know.]

The upset guy was “homeless”, I surmised,
and perhaps drunk; I’d not be surprised.
The city I was in (I think) has many of such,
who many, like “me”, would NOT care to touch.

But who’s to say if ‘they” are so bad?
Many of their life stories may be very sad.
Perhaps mental illness or bad luck would ……
turn me into one of “them”. It COULD.

(written October 20, 2014; revised April 30, 2015)

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Wow, this is so BEAUTIFUL. If this really happened to you, I am so sorry.
i relate greatly to this....