(Dec 29 / Toronto)



For years, you
-fooled me to trust you
-celebrate my own death
-now I feel too ashamed
-since I know of its depth

You called it:
- "The day of Nation's Birth"

I believed in July…
-now I have discovered
-it was the worst ever-
-day in life of this land
-the day of massacre-
-with lies and sweetness
-in the books, on papers

Some of us took part when
-you removed all our rights
-of knowing our parents'
-ancestors…and culture
-and our past; forever…

Simply by luck we
-encountered the truth
-in the act of CANUS
- (the gang that rejected
-the UN's rights of ours
-in US, New Zealand,
-Australia, Canada!)

Your nature tells me that
-you don't care for righteous
-regardless of person and place
-you are what is known as tumor
-of cancer

I wish I could attend enemies
-opposites against you; be with them
-…But do not worry since your greed
-is so sharp that will kill; you in a near future

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