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we only knew each other for a short time,
before you became mine.

we would talk everyday
but then that all went away.

you would never answer your phone
and never be home.

and when i would call you would put on an act,
you pretened like you didn't know me.
but your friend new the true facts.

you would call me back late at night,
just to get in a fight.

we would yell and cry
and then become all shy.
thats when i knew our relationship had died.

then out of the blue
i had found a clue.

how could i have missed it.
the act, the late night calls, your 'friends'.
you were with another girl.

you thought i would never find out,
but i did.

it just proves to you
you never know what your 'friends' say when you have gone away.

by Lizzie R...

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