Cheater Cheater

You sneak around
And are cunning in charm.
You tell me,
“honey don’t be alarmed”.
But how could I not be,
After I’ve watched you flee
From so many before.
You say its nothing,
That they just became a bore.
But, I’ve seen your ways
And how you spend your days,
Turning those who fall
against each other,
even if they came of one mother.
You don’t care,
And have more than one affair.
Hurting those around you,
And those who move about you.
The mention of you name,
It like pushing ones heart into a flame.
Tears have fallen,
Fears are now callin’
To the thought of you doin’ it again.
To me your dead,
And I can finally go to bed.
To sleep
To dream
Of someone other than you
Your gonna’ go drink a few litters,
En once again,
You’ll be nothing but a cheater.

by BlackXWhiteFeathers Raven Mendez

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