Cheaters Never Win

Now that I've thought it through, i'm so glad I broke up with you. There was never really an us, because our relationship had no trust. I was a fool to think it was just me and you, because behind my back you were with those other two. My heart is torn and my mind and feelings are worn. Love, is supposed to be amazing, but instead I feel it is where hell fire is blazing. It starts at my feet and knees and keeps going up, filling me and filling me just like a cup. My broken heart stabbing me makes my chest burn, and the insides of my stomach begin to churn. Before I found out the truth, I was happy and alive. But when I finally figured it out I felt I was being stung by a thousand bees in a hive. But the fact that you think you have won, is amusing to me and the most fun. Trust me, you don't realize what you have lost, and let me tell you it will definitely cost. The grudge I hold, has made me very bold. Oh yes, there will be hell to pay, and that is not a phrase I casually say. Even though you have stuck my heart with a gigantic pin, Just know that I am not dead, but stronger, and Cheaters NEVER win.

by Sierra Spells

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Great poem Sierra. Thank you for sharing
A great write, Sierra. I really related to it. Thanks for sharing. Peace