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KE Karen Espinoza (02/24/1972 / Toccoa, Georgia)


you say you love me
you tell me you care
and to ever hurt me...
you would never dare.

you say I'm the only one
you touch that special way
and to cheat on me
there will never come a day

But it's all lies
none of it is true
whenever we are alone
it's not just me and you

I've never looked upon her..
don't know the color of her hair
but whenever I am with you
I can feel her there.

I feel her in your kisses
or the lack there of..
I feel her in the way
to me- you don't make love.

I feel her when you don't want to touch me
the way you use too
and when you feel to tired to do all those
things we use to do.

I know the truth, so
why keep lying?
there's only one way
to stop our love from dying

let it be me and only me
you love and adore
because love can't be found
in the arms of a whore.

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Comments (3)

A great start with a nice poem, Karen. You may like to read my poem, Love and Lust. Thanks.
This is the best f*cking poem i have read. Everything you said in this poem i just went through. I didnt want to believe he was cheating, but i felt it deep inside. Things didnt feel the same. I just knew. I wouldnt let it go, so he finally decided to told me the truth. Look you are talented dont give up writing poems.
Very good poem I totally agree with it, it’s just so true Very well written sincerly Ambrose Taylor