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Cheating Love
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Cheating Love

Poem By Cez S.G.

How long do I have to bear this charade
That I still have the interest over our marriage
You know the zeal is long gone
You just don't want to concede that we're done.

You still hang on to our promise
To love and to cherish
You still trust me with your life
But can't you make out my lies?

It hurts me to see you dream
Of life together you can imagine
Still wishing for years of blissfulness
With no suspicions of my unfaithfulness.

I dropped a hint twice or thrice
But you brushed it off as confusion on my side
This whole sham distresses me
Why can't you just set me free.

Do I ever deserve your passion
Or even a tinge of your devotion
Until when do I pretend
And cheat your love to no end?

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This confesssion is phenomenal, why can't cheating wives (and husbands) just leave and be gone! Maybe they have nowhere to go because their lovers only takes advantage of the situation? Right or wrong, it is a matter of time before reaching the dead end. Thanks for sharing, a 10.