Poem Hunter
(9 February 1882 - 26 December 1950 / Dublin)


Poem By James Stephens

The night was creeping on the ground;
She crept and did not make a sound
Until she reached the tree, and then
She covered it, and sole again
Along the grass beside the wall.

I heard the rustle of her shawl
As she threw blackness everywhere
Upon the sky and ground and air,
And in the room where I was hid:
But no matter what she did
To everything that was without,
She could not put my candle out.

So I stared at the night, and she
Stared back solemnly at me.

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Comments (8)

The only poem I ever learnt by heart. Learnt it at school and now in my 72nd year still know it and love it. Describes the night so well, still making me shiver as I recite it.
This is one of the best poems I've read. James Stephens is an amazing poet.
I love this poem and I feel like I was there when he wrote it. This poem is amazing.
I truly enjoyed this poem- it had mystery and suspense but in a beautiful fearless way.
Great metaphors. Loved reading this one!