~ Checkmate ~

I sweat
To be a poet
Please wait
I’ll be a poet.

Please wait
Till a date
I’ll be a poet.

Finally of late
Confessing straight
Puzzled by words
I’m checkmate.

For sure I bet
I can’t be a poet! !


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'I sweat to be a poet', indeed, interesting reading.
You are already a poet. This is well done, but I thought it would be about chess. I love a good game of chess. Three of my poems are about chess. They are IGOR, ETERNAL GAME? and BULLDOG OF IDAHO CHESS.
The more I get of you, and I may not be qualified to judge these matters, but, the more I feel your verbiage is of the highest poetic standard. Buddy Bee Anthony
u re a poet ' vat more, y cant you? ...sisirachandra vaduge please read & coment for my recent experience for rural plantation education thanks rain rain go away best wises with seasons greetings towards x'mas 2012
hey be bold miss....its reall irony
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