(11/07/1975 / Natonin, Mountain Province, Philippines)

Colour Scheme

At first the world was colourful
Filled with colours of my choice,
People loved me and I loved them,
There were no masks, there were no lies.

A little later I saw that the world
Was after-all black and white
There was me and the people I liked
And there were others that could never do right.

Further I saw the introduction of grey
A blend of good and bad
'Greys' were difficult to deal with
They made it difficult to decide.

Recently I discovered that there are greys of different shades
I wonder why such a complicated world was made,
There are dark greys and light and there are the 'in-betweens'
Now when I face a person I can't say whether or not he's mean.

Now I know that many colours constitute every creation,
What colour I see depends entirely on the light.
Maybe all that I see is just an illusion
For all you know a certain black could be a grey close to white.

After this revelation I feel so unsure
Now every tint makes me wonder.
So, I've decided to choose the colour I want to see
But sometimes the light makes it difficult for me.

For now, I live in a vivid world,
Though it's just shades of black, white and grey
It leaves me dazzled every day,
I still go on hoping-

That at last the world will be colourful
Filled with colours of my choice
People will love me and I will love them
There will be no masks, there will be no lies.

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You have used checkers as a wonderful analogy of life, with all too real implications. The message is clear and practical. Thanks for sharing. My vote is a 10.