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Cheer Up

If you think you've had it up to here;
there's really no reason for you to shed a tear. To start with, give the sky a stare;
that will help you get in a state of repair. Then pick out all around you the good things;
and assuredly you'll discover the cheerful thought it brings. It is said some people enjoy pain;
and others instead of sunshine, rain. Enjoy life for at the most it is short;
and regardless whatever we do we'll have our day in court. Bring back all the pleasant memories you can make appear;
and you'll find out the ugly ones are no longer here. They say a wise Chinaman once said;
all the time sunshine brings nothing but deserts and us dead. If you really want cheered up, visit a sick friend;
and after a cheerful conversation you'll enjoy no end. Sometimes just try to gather the most silence you can find;
and meditate to refresh your mind. If we let Heaven's rays of light in;
the darkness of sin won't have a chance to begin. They say it takes six muscles to smile, but sixty to frown;
which makes me not want to be an undertaker, but a clown.

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