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Cheer Up My Freind..........

I want to see your smile again
I'd like to hear your laughs high and high!
Never think about your misery and pain
Because it ends and all sad memories die

Always laugh when you can
Leave your bright smile to shine
Don’t control your happiness..never plan
You'll feel so pleased and always fine

Will it cost you a lot to smile?
Will you die if you laugh?
I didn’t ask you to run a mile
And I never asked you to pay a pound or a half!

I just wanted you to fly
Like a balloon in the sky
Why do you always like to cry?
When there's no specific reason, then why?

Cheer up my friend….
Nothing deserves your cries
This is the message I'd like to send
This life is a very big lie……….


by Nourhan Aly

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