Cheers, To Distance And Time.

Poem By Masala Joseph

Things today have not been the way they were
My body is numb to the core, my mind has come to the conclusion that I'm only wishing for more than I can take
You only have but so much to give
But what you can is the least of my expectations
The reality of who you are as a person is not what I'm used to
Could it be that this is the reason you can't give me all of who you have the power to be?
Over time, you've fallen short of your potential
And now distance has come charging at me on a black horse, finishing up the damage that time has created
This war has finally come to an end
The day that distance and time stood over me with triumph forcing him to deliver the news
That the person I knew has drifted away in search of beginning a new journey
But this time, my opponents have refused to take me back on their side
I am no longer with you, I have failed to revive the light that was lost in you along the way
Only you can try to hold it once more in your heart
So cheers, to distance and time, for enabling you to find the ambition to revive that light that was lost long ago & proving that me being there wasn't enough

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