SJ (1991 / arizona)

Cheers To My Teeth

For you,
the pain is,
but you mask it,
with a smile,
for you it is so painful,
you wish to yank yourself,
out of your very life,
however bloody the death may be.
you wish so much,
to grind against,
all that you've ever known,
the pain you'll feel,
will be immense,
but you cannot control,
your movement,
just this time.

You have been exposed,
with a drill to the heart,
and it has been filled,
with something,
you are not,
all of your innards,
have been pulled out,
but you made,
not even a wince,
you did not flinch,
you did not move,
The masked man,
filled you up,
however unpleasant,
you allowed it,
for you could not control, ,
the backbone of your situation,
you were forced to be opened,
and drilled,
and hurt,
but after all the work done on you,
after all the pain,
you guess,
after all,
the masked man knew,
it was worth it,
no matter,
your disdain.

(to my sad little cavity fillinged teeth)

by Sandra jacks

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