Cheetah Cub

The cheetah cub was way too cute,
Despite its face, so sad,
Yet with my camera, I could shoot
Something so it looked glad...
That was my challenge for today,
A cheerful cheetah grin,
Till then, I knew that I must stay
And simply not give in...

The other cheetah cubs looked fine,
Not glib or glum or grim,
Not in a mood to moan or pine
Each time they looked at him...
I think he was a jealous soul,
When Mother made a fuss,
As if the others to control
And he, excluded, thus...

But when she came and cuddled close,
His sad face was no more,
So while they stood there, nose-to-nose,
I smiled and looked with awe...
The camera clicked and caught the scene,
I learnt a thing or two,
The hardest heart that once turns mean,
Finds joy in, 'I LOVE YOU! '

Denis Martindale, copyright April 2016.

A poem based on a magnificent wildlife painting,
by artist Stephen Gayford. Google-search
gayfordgallery and 'Stephen Gayford poetry'.

by Denis Martindale

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