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Cherished By God
CC (05-28-62 / Dearborn Michigan)

Cherished By God

Cherished by God,
I live in a continual state,
Of awareness.
I am adored.
I am loved.
I am desirable,
To the One who fashioned me,
In His image.

He woos me.
He draws me.
He entices me,
With words of love so pleasant,
I can’t wait to consume them.

His words are life to my soul.
My heart dances,
In the aura of an acceptance,
That is my Daddy’s love.
Yes, I call Him Daddy.
I was born out of His heart.

I am His precious daughter.
He is the most approachable of Fathers.
When I close my eyes,
I am sitting on His lap,
Feeling the warmth,
Of His Holy Presence,
So very near me.

When I am running and skipping,
In play somewhere nearby,
I feel His pleasure in me,
As I see the love in His eyes.

Whether His eyes are looking into mine,
Or watching me at a distance,
Always, His love is the source,
Of my existence.

His pleasure in me,
Inspires all of my creativity.
In His eyes I can do no wrong,
Because he sees me truly.
He sees me one with Him,

When I see myself,
Reflected in His perfect perception,
I know that I am whole.
I can see my own reflection.

I wonder if I gaze at Him long enough,
If I will cease to see anything,
That is not sacred.

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wonderful compostion, great thoughts
incredible, great work.