Chernobyl—still The Same

Pickled peppers on the shelf.
Books and toys on table.
Years have brought change,
But not at Chernobyl.

Gas masks the table sprawl.
Lenin’s picture on the wall.
Tourists stop to pay a call.
The site is open unto all.

Ferris wheel.
Bumper cars
On playground.

In twenty-five years
Nothing’s changed.
Old Chernobyl’s
Still the same.

A place forlorn,
Where history chimes
Of misfortune,
Is frozen in time.

by Walterrean Salley

Comments (2)

This was such a tragic event in the pages of history. Powerful poem. Clear and concise message. Well done.
Very picturesque description of Chernobyl. You are alsmost there while you read. Great write. Neither Chernobyl nor the attitude of the makers of Chernobyl disaster have changed.