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Poem By Grace Elgart

The Sarcophagus looms a huge monster menacing, threatening, encasing people in a tomb of fear and terror, facing death prematurely. All stops pulled out - the reactor ran wild, exploded inundating people, land, waters with radioactive debris. Within twenty minutes thirty people dropped dead.
The demon of death walks streets of Chernobyl and towns miles around - the Sarcophagus holds a deathwatch. Land, water, live stock, crops ladened with deadly pollutants - children dying from strange diseases - whole towns, villages ghost like apparitions contaminated, abandoned, disintegrating. Slow Creeping Death - Waste From Nuclear Explosion - Radioactive Bars Take One Thousand Years To Dissipate.
Chernobyl dismal, gray, void of human life only scientists and workers remain at reactor. It's Gruesome Sacrophagus The Largest Mausoleum On Earth - Realistic Truth Of Awesome Force And Devastation From Radioactive Power Run Rampant.

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