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Cherry Blossom Passing

cotton candy pink confetti
cherry petal carpet
coating clinging everywhere
I wish that I could stop it.

by Chuck Audette

Comments (6)

A moment to file away in the landscapes of your mind for future reference. Charming. Kind regards, Sandra
The alliteration makes this little bagatelle. Delightful. Love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Chuck, Ain't spring a wonderful thing, with the kids? - - - - - - and you do not really want to stop it! - - - Do you? B.V.A.
Perhaps it is the fall or shedding of something beautiful that makes you feel this way.Love Duncan
Where I live there is an anual Cherry Blossom festival every year. People come from all over to see...well, trees. I never got it, and I also despise the color pink. I think I love this poem!
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