Love Note 420

Good evening my sweet girl
I so deeply love and miss you,
may God bless your sweet heart
and sweet soul to give you cheer
and help you to know how much
I adore you and care,
God bless you Kira my beautiful dear
because you a great person
and wonderful woman I give myself
to in whole and I would give up
my entire life for.
I send you sweet kisses and hugs
full of all my love and pure warmth,
may the fill and wrap you up
giving deep comfort and peace
knowing your Michael is with
and will always be.
You know I'll never leave you
because you are everything to me.

I've literally spent this whole day
in bed sleeping almost the whole time.
I went to bed last night not long after
I last wrote and then woke up very early
feeling very sick and throwing up
so just lay here until I went back to sleep
and only woke a short bit ago,
now I'll get up for just a short bit
and watch some TV wishing that you
were here with me to snuggle and talk
and just spend time with each other
doing whatever it is that we want.
I love you sweet Kira and care so very much,
I miss you my sweet lady
and just want you to curl up in my arms,
I just want my beautiful Angel to be with and hold.
I adore you and want to be sharing
sweet kisses and caresses with my only one.

So now I'm going to get up
and as ever I am sending you all
of my endless warmth and love.
Kira I miss you and dream of you all the time,
feel me there with you as I hold you so closely
and feel my lips upon yours
as I kiss you so sweetly.
God bless you my darling and never forget
that I love you so deeply
and will never leave.
Kira I am your Michael and will be forever
as I truly love you and will never
be in want of another.

by Michael P. McParland

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