GD (1st September 1959 / Edinburgh)

Cherry Tree Blossom Avenue

I recall when it was just me and you
Holding hands strolling down the avenue
Before dawn to sit and watch the sunrise
My proposal, to you was a surprise
I remember when it was just we two
Our romance and the love was strong and true
Cherry blossom was falling from the trees
Walking barefoot, arm in arm, as we please

Do you recall when our love was still new
When I was at work, I'd always ring you
Meeting for lunch no matter the weather
We just enjoyed spending time together
Remember all the hard times we got through
Every day our love just grew and grew
I still see your smile, and hear your laughter
You thought that you knew what I was after

Our love was warm, but now it's cold and blue
I'm thinking, pondering, just what to do
Did our love just die? Where did we go wrong?
If there's a chance for us? I can be strong!
Look, I'll do whatever you want me to
We had a love, stronger than any glue
To me you are still young and beautiful
This past year you've treated me like a fool

Remember Cheery Tree Blossom Avenue?
We'd walk down there after we'd had a few
Loving looks walking down the avenue
Happy times, when it was just me and you
I recall a Cherry Tree Avenue
I wish that you could remember it too
When we fell in love on that avenue
There's now three, when there should only be two..

by Gordon David

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